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Let’s Work Together


Welcome to our Individual Health Coaching program, where Dr. Kory prioritizes your holistic well-being, addressing mind, body, and spirit with one-on-one coaching. Our integrative approach combines conventional wisdom with holistic practices to create a personalized roadmap based on a comprehensive lifestyle analysis. You'll explore self-care, emotions, belief systems, physical health, and energy management while achieving balance and nourishment on and off the plate. With our weekly 45-minute sessions over 3-6 months, we ensure consistent support into mindfulness, joyful movement, and nutrition education, all while enjoying the empowerment and accountability that comes with our co-contributor coaching. Together, we'll help you envision a brighter future, find purpose, and cultivate self-love.


In this practice you will combine the mindful movements of Qigong, a “Tai Chi Easy®” practice which combines breathwork, stretching, balance, self-massage, tapping, and mindful movement to increase vitality, strength, and flexibility; improve circulation, promote digestive health, and increase immune function, as well as support your overall well-being and longevity. As we experience the joy and creativity of movement, we increase our mental, emotional, and natural sense of connectivity between our mind, body, and spirit. By  

embracing a daily integrative mind-body-spirit approach to movement, you will, if practiced over time, experience whole person health and resilience.


Embark on a holistic wellness journey with our Bauman Integrative Wellness classes, available both virtually and in-person. Over 8-10 weeks, join a community of 12-15 individuals to explore topic-based and practice-based modules. Our curriculum covers diverse pathways to wellness, including nutrition, mindfulness, movement, and self-care. These classes, rooted in the principles of Dr. Bauman, are offered free of charge, making holistic well-being accessible to all. Join us on the path to wholeness and discover the secrets to a balanced, vibrant life.

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